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5/6 T-Ball Rules & Information

Player Registration

Registration is online only at Online payment is required to complete registration.

Age Requirements

  1. Age Breakdown - View 2024 Age Chart
    • A child must be at least five (5) years old on May 1 of the current year.
    • A child cannot turn seven (7) years old before May 1 of the current year.

Player Equipment

  1. Helmets
    • Face masks are optional for the batter-runners. If a player is wearing a face mask, he/she cannot slide head first when advancing to the next base, but may slide head first when returning to a base while wearing a face mask.
    • It is MANDATORY that all pitchers and catchers wear a batting helmet with full face mask while playing defense. A softball face mask is not acceptable.
    • A cap may be worn under helmet.
  2. Bats - Current Bat Standards
    • Bats cannot exceed 2 5/8 inches in diameter.
    • Bats must be stamped with “USA Baseball” and language “Only for use with approved tee balls”.

Game Regulations

  1. All games will be five (5) innings, but no new inning may start after sixty (60) minutes. Three (3) innings will constitute a complete game. If the Visiting Team is winning by 10 runs or more after three (3) innings or if the Home Team is ahead by ten (10) runs or more after 2 ½ innings, the game is over and will be considered a complete game. Tie games will be played until a winner is decided, no ties.
  2. Base Running
    • Runners must hold their base until the ball is hit.
    • Runners cannot steal bases.
    • No play is dead until the pitcher has control of the ball inside the pitching circle OR the umpire calls time out. Once the player has control of the ball and remains in the pitching circle base runners may not advance.
    • All runners can advance ONLY one (1) base on an over-throw to first base, unless the defensive player attempts to make an out at another base. However, this is not an automatic advance of one (1) base, unless the ball leaves the playing field. If the ball remains in play, the runners advance at their own risk and can be called out if tagged before reaching the next base.
  3. The tee and game ball will be provided by Shreveport Dixie Baseball.
  4. T-Ball teams will play ten (10) defensive players, and the extra player will play in the outfield. However, you may start with eight (8) players. If you don't have at least eight (8) players, you will forfeit. All defensive players must be in the normal defensive position for the position they are playing. Players cannot be stacked to one side of the field.
  5. T-Ball teams will bat until seven (7) runs are scored or three (3) outs per inning. All players will be listed in the batting order and will hit when it's their turn. The batting order cannot change during the game. If a player misses his turn at bat for any reason, his/her turn will be skipped and no out will be charged. All players listed in the batting order will play at least one inning on defense.
  6. An offensive coach is required at home plate to place the ball on the tee and provide coaching and instruction. The offensive coach cannot physically position the batter and is required to move the tee after each hit so it does not interfere with the runners running home.
  7. The defensive team is allowed one (1) or two (2) coaches outside of the dugout to provide coaching and instruction. The defensive team can have one (1) coach positioned in the outfield grass in fair territory or two (2) coaches positioned in the outfield in foul territory.
  8. Coaches outside of the dugout may not interfere with play.
  9. All coaches not in position at the batting tee, in the outfield, or in the coach’s boxes must stay inside the dugout. Coaches are not allowed to stand in front of the dugout on the playing field.
  10. The infield fly rule is NOT applicable in T-Ball.
  11. The batter will be allowed to swing at the ball for a maximum of three (3) times. If the batter hits a foul ball on the third swing, the batter will receive another swing until he/she hits a fair ball or misses on the swing.
  12. The batter will not be permitted to bunt or take a half-swing. If the umpire determines the batter did not take a full swing, the hit ball will be called foul, and the batter will be called back to swing again.
  13. Umpires will use their judgment to determine if a runner ran out of the baseline when it does not interfere with the play.
  14. The pitcher must stand either on or behind the pitching rubber and remain within the circle around the pitcher’s mound until the ball is hit.
  15. If a player becomes hurt and/or crying, a courtesy player may be used while the player regains his composure or is checked for injury. The injured and/or crying player may return to the game in the next half inning without penalty.
  16. A semi-circle will be drawn three (3) feet in front of the edge of home plate. The batted ball must advance beyond this line, or it is considered as a foul ball.
  17. If the umpire determines the batter slings the bat, he shall be given one (1) warning. If the umpire determines the warned batter slings the bat again, he shall be called out.
  18. Pitching and Base Distances
    • Pitching rubber distance - forty (40) feet. An eight (8) foot circle will be drawn approximately 40 feet from home plate. The pitcher must be in the circle when the ball is on the tee.
    • Base distance - sixty (60) feet.

All Stars

All stars will be selected through a process approved by the Board of Directors as follows:

  • The winning team manager in each division will manage division’s all star team if he has upheld all parts of his contract and is approved by the Shreveport Dixie Baseball Board of Directors.
  • The manager of the all star team will choose his/her coaching staff.
  • All managers within each division will vote and select eight (8) players.
  • The winning manager will then have four (4) additional selections.

Game Cancellations

If games are canceled due to bad weather, Shreveport Dixie Baseball will contact you through text message and email from our website. Game cancellations will also be posted on our Facebook Page.

*Note: Any rules not covered in local rules will be followed as written in the Dixie Youth Rule Book.



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