UpdatedThursday July 9, 2020 byRandy Cantrell.

 As you are likely aware, the Mayor's executive order requiring people to wear masks went in effect today at 5:00 pm. This mandate requires businesses to enforce compliance in or on their premises.  Because of this, we will follow these policies beginning tomorrow July 9, 2020 for as long as the order is in place:

1)        Signs will be posted as a reminder that everyone should wear a mask if they cannot maintain an acceptable social distance of 6 feet from others that are not in their immediate household.
2)        All bleachers will be closed off and only available for use as an extension to the dugouts.
3)        You will need to wear a mask if you cannot maintain proper social distancing. You will be permitted to watch games next to others without social distancing and without a mask only with those that are within your immediate household.

 4)        Please bring a mask with you and be prepared to use it as you are entering/exiting the facility through commonly traveled areas, going to/from the concession stand and/or restrooms, and in the event you find yourself in a situation that you cannot maintain proper social distancing.

5)        Players and coaches will not be forced to wear masks once they take the field.

6)         Each team will be permitted to add an additional coach to aid in keeping the players at a safe distance in the bleacher area.

We've successfully played baseball for the past month with no known issues of Covid-19 spread at our facility.  The Shreveport Dixie Board has determined that instituting these measures is the only way that our organization can comply with the Mayor's order and allow our kids to continue to play.  As a reminder, our organization is run entirely by volunteers with extremely limited capabilities of enforcing the Mayor's executive order.  Please understand the situation and help us keep a safe environment for our kids to continue the game that we all love.
With your help we will continue to play and finish our season successfully. Thank You and PLAY BALL!!!

SDB President, 

Randy Cantrell