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2015 FALL BALL registration will be the first two weeks of August. All the forms you will need are posted under the tab to the left labeled "2015 Fall Ball League".  If you have a complete team and would like to sign a whole team up please fill out the form under the tab on the left labeled "2015 Fall Ball Team Sign Up.  If you are an individual and would like to register, the form is located un the "2015 Fall Ball League". Registration fee is $70 perperson and will include a team shirt.  Each team must wear the Team Shirt as part of thier uniform. No Exception.

 Louisiana Dixie Youth State Board has accepted the state option on the new bat rule.  The 2 5/8's, big barrel will not be legal for 2015 during Louisiana Dixie Youth League play, except for the O-Zone division.

CHANGE TO Face Mask Rule: The face mask on the batting helmet is still REQUIRED while playing league at Shreveport Dixie Baseball.  Our board took this rule under concideration, and with the child's safety the utmost concern, adopted to keep the face mask on the batting helmets for league ages 1O and under. The face mask rule is optional for players league age 11 years old and up.  However Shreveport Dixie Baseball and Louisiana Dixie Youth highly recommends the use of the protective face mask.