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 Please turn in your Raffle ticket stubs at the ball park.  The drawing will be Friday May 2 at 7:00 PM at the ball park. You do not have to be present to win.  We will have a blue tub near the concession stand, unstaple your tickets and drop them in the tub.  We will have the prizes ready for pick up that night. 

 Sign up now for the May 3-4 Shreveport Dixie Open.  We need about 3 more 13/14 teams to sign up.  We a team from Mexico that visits our park each year and I would like to have enough 13/14 teams for our tournament to make so they will be able to play in it. Mexico will arrive in Shreveport on April 30th and play our Shreveport Dixie league teams Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

CHANGE TO Face Mask Rule: The face mask on the batting helmet is still REQUIRED while playing league at Shreveport Dixie Baseball.  Our board took this rule under concideration, and with the child's safety the utmost concern, adopted to keep the face mask on the batting helmets for league ages 1O and under. The face mask rule is optional for players league age 11 years old and up.  However Shreveport Dixie Baseball and Louisiana Dixie Youth highly recommends the use of the protective face mask.


All League Schedules are posted.